Trustee: United Virginia

Richmond, VA

Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
We're dedicated to helping our clients become successful business entrepreneurs, and we're very excited about this opportunity to help connect our clients with the funding they need to be successful. We love that Kiva Zip is dedicated to bringing together folks across the community, and think this matches up well with our mission.
What is the mission of your organization?
United Virginia's goal is to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with the training, connections, and resources they need to grow successful businesses.
In the past, how effective have you been in achieving this mission?
We look at business success as the strongest indicator of if we're doing an effective job, as well as jobs created and changes in client income. We're still growing, but we've learned how to be very effective at what we do.
Do you belong to any organizational networks -- nationally, regionally, or locally? If yes, please list.
Virginia Micro-Enterprise Network, Association for Enterprise Opportunity, Virginia Enterprise Initiative.
How will you decide who to endorse as a borrower? What due diligence will you conduct?
United Virginia works heavily with aspiring entrepreneurs, training them to become successful business owners. Borrowers we endorse will have a significant track record of program involvement, and United Virginia staff will visit their business, verify their financial records, and ensure they have adequate cash flow to repay their loan.
How do you plan to support the borrower, both before and after the loan is disbursed?
We help our clients learn fundamental business skills, develop a business plan, and connect with mentors in the community who will help them grow. Our primary business training is conducted through a 16-week course with over 40-hours of instruction. Our staff helps support our clients and we also connect them with mentors and local organizations to help best serve their needs, such as SCORE and the local SBDC.
How will you help us ensure that the loans you endorse have a significant and positive social impact?
We are looking to endorse borrowers who are diligent and focused, but have had difficulty securing traditional financing. UV's goal is to help build communities, and we want to support clients grow sustainable livelihoods for themselves and those around them.

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