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Billie: Essential Remedies

Seaside/Clatstop, OR

I am a natural product manufacturer, using all-organic essential oils and herbs in my products to promote wellness. I would like to make my products available on a much larger scale through internet sales and also by the use of professional packaging, which will help to get my product into retailers across the nation. I am trying to design my business around being a visually impaired employer and would also like to be able to give employment opportunities to other disabled individuals.

Endorsed by MIPO
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For decades, many of our food products from the tropics have been the result of exploitation of cheap labor and environmental exploitation. This includes bananas, coffee, and cashews. But in 2014, we have the ability and the information to understand the impact our purchases have on the world. Our role at Live Forest Farms is simple: the cashews we import from Indonesia must have a positive effect on people and the planet.

Endorsed by Justin Curzi
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VPN is the premier online music education provider. Bridging socio-economic, age, and geographical borders, VPN brings a consistently high level of quality to music instruction. With your support, this vision will become a reality within months!

Endorsed by Mark Bernstorff
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