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Floral Beauty Greenhouses is a major wholesale greenhouse located in upstate NY. We grow over 10,000 hanging baskets each year, 60,000 geraniums, 13,000 poinsettias, and we service over 100 retail customers within a 100 mile radius. We just broke into the retail market through our greenhouse vegetable division. With funding we will be able to improve the profitability and "green-ness" of our greenhouses and position ourselves for additional future jumps in growth and profitability over the next 2-3 years.

Endorsed by Institute for Veterans and Milit...
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We started Fiesta Farm in 2010 to raise chickens on a 1 acre rented pasture. We now farm nearly 35 acres, raising several different kinds of livestock and exploring vegetables and fruit production with a vision for a fully diversified, biodynamic farm. This year we need to replace half of our laying flock, purchase a livestock trailer, and improve water infrastructure/delivery to our pasture.

Endorsed by California FarmLink
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I started Ralston Farm in 2011 as a small-scale, diversified farm to serve my community is New Jersey. Now, we supply a 105-person Community Supported Agriculture program, and work with local restaurants and Good Eggs to spread our reach further. A Kiva Zip loan will allow us to invest in a walk-in cooler for our produce.

Endorsed by Good Eggs Brooklyn
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