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Gerishom ondego

Gwako Garments Repair shop

Nairobi, Kenya

Personal Story

I was born and raised in Kisumu. My dad was polygamous and had 22 children. Most of my sisters got married while very young and never went to school. I only went past primary school. I left Kisumu to come to Nairobi to look for work and worked as a casual laborer in industrial area where I learnt how to saw materials and make clothes. However I developed asthma and my health became worse. I met safe spaces when I was almost dying through my daughter who attends the programme. They supported me get medication and inhaler and my health has improved. I have an old sewing machine that I repair peoples garments in my community and my dream is to have a big tailor shop to cater for the garments repair needs in my community. I also wish to educate all my children up to university as right now I cannot and they are supported by safe spaces.

Business Description

I repair torn garments and sometimes buy materials and make new clothes for sell. I started this business 4 years ago after developing asthma an therefore not fit for employment especially in garment firms because of the chemicals. My biggest challenge is sewing machine and materials for making garments. My customers are my neighbors and my goal is to own a big tailor store and make all kinds of garments for sale which will bring income and help me change my living conditions and support my family.

What is the purpose of this loan?

Buy sewing Machine-12000
Buy garment materials-10000
buy sewing threads-3000
buy sewing needles-2000

Gerishom ondego's loan is endorsed by Safe Spaces. The information below explains why her trustee thinks Gerishom ondego is a great candidate for a Kiva Zip loan.
How long have you known this person?

1 year - 3 years

Tell us about your relationship with this borrower.

I met him in hospital through his daughter who is a member of safe spaces.
we communicate very week on business and life issues

Tell us about this borrower's personality and character, and why you are endorsing him or her for a Kiva Zip loan.

Very aggressive and hardworking.Im endorsing him so that he can change his life and living condition which are hard this time due to lack of basic needs for his family

Tell us about this borrower's business, and why you believe a Kiva Zip loan will contribute to his or her success.

He is a tailor.Kiva zip will help him buy a sewing machine and materials for his business which will improve his income therefore living a bit comfortably and supporting his family.

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A loan of $375 helps me to Buy a sewing machine, buy garment materials buy sewing threads and needles and have capital for my business

Disbursed Apr 23, 2014
Repayment Term:
36 weekly payments
Grace Period:
Apr 15, 2014
Apr 23, 2014
Paying Back:
Apr 24, 2014

About Gwako Garments Repair shop

Clothing / Jewelry / Accessories
Years in Operation:
3 years - 5 years

This loan is endorsed by

Trustee Type:
CBO-Community based organization
Paused Tier trustee
Nairobi , Kenya
On Zip Since:
Dec 10, 2012
(41 months)
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Paying on Time:
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Not enough data
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Why are you endorsing Gerishom ondego?

Very aggressive and hardworking.Im endorsing him so that he can change his life and living condition which are hard this time due to lack of basic needs for his family

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