Metropolis Blvd Media & Sound, Inc.

Charlotte, NC

Personal Story


Founded in 2011 and based on years of previous experience in event promotions and management, music composition, productions and intellectual property law, I began Metro Blvd to compete in a highly technological and advancing media industry.

Following graduation from high school, I began the concept of Metro Blvd in the early 2000s while studying and traveling all over the globe. Among others, my travels have been to a wide variety of places such as Stuttgart, Germany; Amman, Jordan; Bangkok, Thailand, London, England; and New York, New York. Living in or even visiting these places provided an interesting perspective into various artistic and cultural expressions, especially music. From a community-building and musical influence perspective, I have created a host of events for talent that encompassed the budding electronic scene of Central and Western Europe while merging shows and music with American-styled music.

Having then decided to study law in Charleston, South Carolina and Intellectual Property Law in New York, New York, I was able to apply a deep-seeded appreciation and commitment to media to include publishing, copyright, trademark, and licensing. While studying at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, I was fortunate to work under the Deputy General Counsel for Warner Bros.’ DC Comics. This experience introduced me to a host of industry participants where I saw first-hand what it takes to run a successful publishing business based on U.S. Copyright and Contracts Law.

The mission for Metro Blvd has grown from an obscure concept to one that facilitates multimedia productions which span a host of formats, is based on exceptional reference-points, and which involve many different talents. Provided the advent of technology, vast changes to the media industry, and a shift that serves to now benefit copyright proprietors, my vision of Metro Blvd is to fit squarely within emerging possibilities throughout the media industry.

Business Description

Metropolis Blvd. Media and Sound, Incorporated (d/b/a “Metro Blvd Media & Sound, Inc.” and hereinafter referred to as “Metro Blvd”) is a progressive and emerging multimedia production company. Metro Blvd creates “multimedia for every generation.” Citing innovative founders such as Johnny Mercer to Steve Jobs, Metro Blvd intends to take an approach that combines the possibilities within technology with the sort of aptitude that will propel highly-talent and dedicated content creators by:

1. Developing Original Multimedia Content. Through the cultivation of creative relationships in order to support its long-term objective of film and video production, Metro Blvd engages in a host of activities related the production of original multimedia content. This includes working with companies, television creators and producers, as well as filmmakers and film producers in order to develop multimedia content.

2. Developing Original Music and Sound Design Engineering: Through targeted marketing for projects requiring the development of original music, Metro Blvd will sell this service to a whole host of consumers including television producers, commercials, industrial films, as well as independent and traditional motion pictures studios.

3. Creating and Distributing Original Music for Commercial Artists. By utilizing an effective sales system that traverses the complicated and interwoven process of publishing original content as well as selling musical performances domestically and world-wide, Metro Blvd will propel the organization’s creative works to compete effectively by utilizing current technology, such as music aggregators, social media channels, as well as traditional mediums of dissemination including building relationships with major record labels, radio broadcasters, television programmers, and filmmakers. Metro Blvd intends to develop a premier organization within the southeastern United States with its particular focus and developed music publishing related capabilities that extend globally.

4. *Partnership – Creative Artists Management NYC: Live Performances for Associated Talent. Metro Blvd works specifically with a cadre of authors who create artistic musical works which are the subject of public performances. The company also intends to bolster the position of its associated talent by creating endorsement opportunities and also place associated talent next to highly-recognized talent.

Further, Metro Blvd generally conducts ongoing activities with respect to the following:
- Rights management
- Still photography
- Celebrity endorsements
- Working with sponsors for events and product launches
- Product Placement
- Researching and developing innovative technologies that further the corporation’s objectives
- Securing grants for community-related projects

What is the purpose of this loan?

$1,600 per month for three months of media performance work to include:
- Metro Blvd web-site;
- Web-site for Metro Blvd's debut internal project Overture No. I (a music and video production);
- Press Kit/Media Kit (12-20 pages) paid through a 12-month period;
- Website maintenance of all web pages in addition to coaching and technical assistance;
- Social media management (10 hours per week for 12 weeks);
- Web & graphic print design (25 hours per month for three months);
- A dedicated creative design and marketing support specialist for Metro Blvd's talent audition contest which will pre-register applicants for a nominal fee; and
- Promotional video content to be utilized in our crowd funding campaign to begin January 2013.

As a multimedia production company, our clients and consumers expect our products to be top-notch. We have been extremely resourceful in obtaining talent that can help us achieve our objective of artistic yet effective communication. Our website and social media correspondence is imperative to our bottom line, primarily because it showcases our content and invites onlookers to contact us about our services and serves to raise awareness in a highly competitive environment where we are currently demonstrating great potential.

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6 months - 1 year

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Lionel was one of Queen City Forward's first tenants in Packard Place and has developed a great relationship with the staff and members of QCF.

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Lionel is a very driven and dedicated individual and has a broad background in the arts as well as law. He has a deep understanding of the global music industry and a passion for integrating cultures in the local community.

Tell us about this borrower's business, and why you believe a Kiva Zip loan will contribute to his or her success.

Metro Blvd creates and distributes media content surrounding commercial artists, musicians, music producers, and performers and was founded to achieve a vision of empowering creators in the independent music industry. With a loan from Kiva Zip, Metro Blvd will continue to grow and scale different projects as well as further impact and empower the artists they work with.

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A loan of $5,000 helps me to invest into marketing so that our company can develop business and sales channels, adequately utilize administrative resources to respond to Request-for-Proposals, and generate sales based on our media production abilities.

Disbursed Nov 28, 2012
Repayment Term:
24 monthly payments
Grace Period:
Nov 8, 2012
Nov 28, 2012
Paying Back:
Nov 29, 2012

About Metropolis Blvd Media & Sound, Inc.

Years in Operation:
6 months - 1 year

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Lionel is a very driven and dedicated individual and has a broad background in the arts as well as law. He has a deep understanding of the global music industry and a passion for integrating cultures in the local community.

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