Kiva Zip makes 0% interest loans for 100% social good

How it Works

1. Discover
Discover inspirational borrowers making a positive impact in their communities.
2. Lend
Support an entrepreneur's dreams. Make a loan to empower their business and livelihood.
3. Connect
Receive repayments on your loan and receive updates on the impact you helped create.
4. Reinvest
Use your repayments to support another borrower and increase your impact.

A Big Boost for Small Businesses

Thousands of entrepreneurs get rejected for loans every day. With Kiva Zip, you can support small businesses with 0% interest loans and enable them to access the capital they need to grow their businesses. It only takes $5 to make an impact.

Banking on People

Kiva Zip is about human connections. As a Kiva Zip lender, you have the chance to become a customer, brand ambassador and business adviser to the borrowers that you’re funding with interest free loans.


"I love the spirit of helping others. It is a gift to them, and to my heart."

Jean, Saint Louis MO

“Seeing lenders chip in from across the country was exciting and encouraging.”

Sean, Portland OR


Character Based Lending

Kiva Zip uses an entrepeneur's network as a measure of creditworthiness. Borrowers invite family and friends to start their fundraising. After reaching a designated threshold, the Kiva Zip community takes care of the rest. It's a simple, transparent way to help small businesses.

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